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3D scanner that allows fast and precise digitization of the foot. Thanks to its advanced vision system, it allows working without noise and in an open environment.

Pie digitalizado con ICad Feet

Main characteristics

  • Connection with 3D scanner for foot scanning developed by Inescop.
  • Possibility of importing feet from different formats: point clouds (.asc), meshes (.stl.), etc.
  • Allows editing point clouds, previous step to the reconstruction and obtaining 3D meshes of the digitized feet.
  • Automatic calculation of key points of the foot, as well as 34 automatic measurements in the form of distances, angles and perimeters.
  • t incorporates a tool for obtaining manual measurements.
  • Generation of measurement reports.
  • Ability to store a database of lasts in different sizes, make comparisons with the loaded feet and recommend the best fit.
  • Compatibility with Inescop ICad Lasts system, for the generation of lasts adjusting to the digitized feet and facilitating the customization of the footwear.


Digitize your customers' feet


Quick and automatic characterization of the treated feet, with generation of reports on the matter


Recommend to your clients a last or a specific size from among their footwear models


Facilitate the creation of custom footwear by digitizing the feet, and subsequent integration with ICadLast
Pie digitalizado con ICad Feet


  • Accurate and high quality digitalization.
  • Last database maintenance that allows comparisons between the digitized feet and them, being able to recommend a specific model and size that best fits the foot.
  • Integration with IcadLast software allows the customization of lasts with digitized feet, which facilitates the manufacture of customized footwear.
  • Reduced manufacturing times of customized footwear, as well as the carbon footprint.
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