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ICad 3D + is the first software for the design and pattern of footwear that integrates in the same program two work environments, one virtual in 3D and one technical in 2D, which work in parallel and simultaneously. In this way, ICad 3D+ is presented as the best virtual alternative to the traditional design and pattern making process, considerably reducing both the time used and the material and human resources of the company.

From paper to virtual design

From paper to virtual design

Zapatos después de digitalizarse
Zapatos antes de digitalizarse

Complete process

Design, create and modify footwear models, and their patterns, parallel and simultaneously in 3D or 2D with absolute reliability and precision. Make flattenings of any last, including boots and ankle boots, with total accuracy. Modify with a simple "click" The flattened, avoiding the repetition of the processes that would have to be carried out if these modifications were made manually. Create, or import, flats, heels, ornaments and accessories quickly and easily, thanks to its intuitive interface. Customize and get images that look as hyper-realistic as a photograph taken from real shoe models. Simulate shoe loosening by adding realism to your models.

Design any type of footwear

Design any type of footwear

Infinite possibilities

ICad 3D+, has been developed by the "Technological Institute of Footwear and Related Products (INESCOP)" Its more than 30 years of experience in the development of CAD-CAM products, together with its close relationship with companies in the sector, has allowed develop computer programs adapted to your needs, and always oriented towards continuous improvement.

Work process

Work process

Drawing on the last Preparation from the last Import of digital last Render Deshormado virtual Materials and variants Details and accessories Pieces and thicknesses Outsoles and heels Consumption, tokens techniques and cutting Scaled of sizes Pattern 3D/2D Flattened technical Virtual 3D 2D Technician

Working with ICad 3D+ is very simple and intuitive. The first steps to start working are to import a digital last, prepare this last for the design of the model and start drawing on the last. You can then choose to work on any of the two ICad 3D+ work environments, either in the virtual 3D environment (creating outsoles and heels, adding volumes and thicknesses, creating accessories, etc.), or in the technical 2D environment (creating flats, patterns, grading, etc.) ), being able to change from one environment to another at any time.

Drawing on the last Flattened technical Preparation from the last Import of digital last Render Deshormado virtual Materials and variants Details and accessories Pieces and thicknesses Outsoles and heels Consumption, tokens technical and cut Scaled of sizes Pattern 3D/2D

Import of digital last

The first step of the process is to import a digital last.

ICad 3D+ allows a wide range of formats (HOR, LST, FVR, STL, IGS, SEC, OBJ, etc.).

You can modify the digitized last to create boot last, and even add or merge a mounting sole, internal wedges or platforms.

Importación de una horma a ICad 3D+ Importación de una horma a ICad 3D+
Deformación por jaula
Deformation by cage
Deformación por rotación
Deformation due to rotation

Preparation of the last

3D lasts

Create virtual lasts for boots and ankle boots following a simple procedure.

Flatten any last

ICad 3D+ achieves flattening of any last, including boots and booties, in a totally accurate and reliable way.
Representation of the 3D surface of the body and the plant on a 2D surface, in this way, any modification in the design line is automatically reflected on the other.

Asistente de creación de malla 3D sobre la horma digitalizada
Wizard for creating 3D mesh on the digitized last
Operaciones de aplanado sencillas y rápidas
Simple and fast flattening operations
Operaciones de aplanado sencillas y rápidas
Editable center line
Proceso guiado para la creación de hormas de botas y botines
Guided process for creating lasts for boots and ankle boots

Technical flattening

Absolute accuracy

Obtain 2D flattenings of any type of last with absolute reliability and precision, and use them as a basis to create your patterns.

Save time and resources. With ICad 3D+, each modification made in the 2D design lines is automatically and faithfully reflected in the 3D design and vice versa.

Aplanado único y preciso para cualquier tipo de horma: señora, caballero, niño, etc.
Unique and precise flattening for any type of last: women, men, children, etc.
Operaciones de bases de horma sencillas y rápidas
Simple and fast last base operations
Aplanado Strobel
Flattened Strobel
Aplanado especial de las piezas del modelo (Pump Shoes)
Special flattening of the model parts (Pump Shoes)
Asistente de creación de bases de botas y botines
Boot and booties base creation wizard
Giro de líneas dependiente
Dependent line rotation

Drawing on the last

Intuitive line design

Drawing on the digital last is as simple as drawing on a real last. Working with ICad 3D+ will allow you to: Use as a reference other model sketches, automatically smoothed curved lines, creation of lines of variable and constant width, insertion of shapes and figures, etc.

Líneas curvas suavizadas automáticamente
Automatically smooth curved lines
Creación de líneas de ancho constante
Creation of lines of constant width
Creación de líneas de ancho variable
Creation of lines of variable width
Líneas simétricas dependientes de una línea base
Symmetric lines dependent on a baseline
Inserción de formas predefinidas o personalizadas
Insertion of predefined or custom shapes
Importación de imágenes de referencia para crear líneas
Import of reference images to create lines

Flats and heels design

Materialize your ideas

Quickly and easily create any type of floor and heels with absolute precision. Using a wizard, you can create and edit the lines of the structure created to modify the component. Components can be exported directly to a 3D printer to produce prototypes quickly, reducing costs and time.

Asistente de creación de pisos y tacones
Floor and heels creation wizard
Importación de archivos en formato STL, VRML, IGS
Import of files in STL, VRML, IGS format
Importación de imágenes de referencia para crear pisos y tacones
Import of reference images to create flats and heels
Exportación de pisos y tacones para su producción o impresión en 3D
Export of flats and heels for production or 3D printing

Creation of pieces and thicknesses

Instantly define 3D pieces

Quickly create all the parts of the model, either by selecting the sequence of lines, or with the function of a single "click". In addition, you can give your model realism by defining the thickness of the pieces, simulating overlapping, choosing types of profile, padding, stitching, etc.

Creación de piezas por selección de líneas
Creation of parts by line selection
Creación de piezas en un solo “click”
Creation of pieces in a single click
Boquilla inglés
English mouthpiece
Pespuntes 3D totalmente personalizables
Fully customizable 3D stitching
Acolchados y grabados
Quilting and engravings
Creación automática de festón
Automatic scallop creation
Simulación de superposición de piezas
Simulation of overlapping pieces
Edición del perfil y el grosor
Editing the profile and thickness

Details and accessories

Easily create accessories of any shape, material and complexity, and organize your own library.

Add and fit accessories on the model using the transform functionalities to change their size, rotate them, or even automatically distribute several objects with a constant distance.

Importación de imágenes de referencia para crear acessorios
Import of reference images to create accessories
Asistente para la creación e inserción automática de cordoneras
Wizard for the automatic creation and insertion of cordoneras
Creación automática de cremalleras
Automatic creation of zippers
Inserción automática de acessorios sobre la horma
Automatic insertion of accessories on the last
Herramientas básicas de creación de superficies: extrusión, revolución, etc.
Basic tools for creating surfaces: extrusion, revolution, etc.
Importación de archivos en formado IGES, STL, VRML
Import of files in IGES, STL, VRML format

Materials and variants

Photorealistic materials

ICad 3D+ is designed to speed up the creation of any type of material (leather, rubber, patent leather, metal, gems, glass, etc.) in any color.

Materials can be created directly in the program, through its materials generation wizard, or through the import of scanned textures that are easily editable with ICad 3D+. The created materials can be saved in your own virtual library for later use.

Creación de materiales a partir de una imagen escaneada
Creation of materials from a scanned image
Creación de nuevos materiales a partir de ajustes preestablecidos
Creation of new materials from presets

Virtual deshormado

Settings that provide greater realism

ICad 3D+ allows to give the models an added realism, being able to simulate the real loosening of the footwear in which tension changes occur on some materials and parts of the footwear.

Thus, it is possible to perform a multitude of volumetric adjustments such as modifying tongues, altering instep lines, deforming heels and toes (lifting them up), widening shafts or even simulating wrinkles.

Deformación por jaula
Deformation per cage
Deformación por curva
Deformation by curve
Deformación por rotación
Deformation by rotation


Imagine and make it come true

ICad 3D+ integrates an advanced high-quality rendering system that allows images (and videos) to be obtained so real that it is difficult to distinguish whether they have been taken from physical footwear models. Additionally, 3D models can be rendered on any simulated scenery.

Different camera perspectives, position lights at different points, or adjust the lighting to simulate particular lighting conditions until the desired visual effect is achieved.

Exports models and their combinations to ICad Colorways.

Escenarios predefinidos
Predefined scenarios
Creación de fichas 3D con información y datos
Creation of 3D cards with information and data

2D / 3D Pattern

Agility and precision

Make patterns quickly in a single click or by selecting lines.

It works indistinctly in 2D or 3D with the certainty that any technical adjustment will be represented millimetrically in the other working environment.

Add margins (mounted, folded, entrances, etc.) and decorations (figurative, chopped, seams, etc.), quickly and easily.

Using the "Texts" tool, organize the patterns to be cut on cardboard or leather, and facilitate subsequent production tasks.

Creación de piezas mediante selección de líneas
Creation of parts by selecting lines
Creación automática de piezas mediante un solo “click”
Automatic creation of pieces with a single click
Escritura de textos
Writing texts
Boquilla inglés
English mouthpiece
Creación automática de festón
Automatic scallop creation
Ranuras automáticas
Automatic slots
Distribución de decoraciones personalizadas sobre línea
Distribution of personalized decorations on line

Size scaling

Fast and easy scaling

Work using standard scaling systems or customize them to your needs. In addition, with the modifiers you can control the scaling of each of the baselines, and thus be able to block or scale lines individually to scale pieces such as straps, ornaments, labels, heels, zippers or boots.

Incrementos de escalado estándar
Standard scaling increments
Incrementos de escalado personalizables
Customizable scaling increments
Agrupación de tallas
Grouping of sizes
Bloqueo de tiras automático
Automatic strip blocking
Escalado especial para botas
Special scaling for boots

Consumption, technical sheets and cut

Optimize leather consumption

Calculate the material consumption of the model in real time, and minimize waste. Thanks to the 2D / 3D connection, with ICad 3D+ you will be able to modify any line, and update the consumption instantly, without the need to re-flatten. In this way, you can modify the pieces to achieve the best possible use of material.


Customizable technical sheets

Create, and adapt to your needs, technical sheets for the design and production phases. Export them to pdf integrating any type of information, photographs and even rotatable 3D objects.


Cut your pieces on any cutting machine

Export your patterns to any cutting machine without any additional adaptation and without ever losing the correlation between 3D and 2D. Direct connection to ICad Nest

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These are not photographs, they are modeled and rendered with ICad 3D+

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