03 December, 2021

INESCOP presents: Success story UNISA.

UNISA was born more or less 50 years ago and we are dedicated to the commercialization and manufacture of shoes for women, girls and handbags. This is the official definition, although I like to define UNISA as a company dedicated to making its clients forget their feet. Why? Because we work hard to combine comfort and fashion, so that in the day-to-day life of that client, nothing can fail her when it comes to footwear.

INESCOP has helped us a lot in terms of 3D design, through its ICad 3D + tool. Thanks to them, we are now able to design much faster and much more efficiently.

We have gone from designing with paper and a pen to being able to do it through the computer. What does that mean? Saving time, saving resources, a brutal speed in terms of the transmission of information ... All this has been a real revolution within the company.

The truth is that the software has many possibilities, one of them is the ability to modify lines on a pattern in real time and see that modification reflected in the virtual design at the time. This and many other functionalities, but for me the most important is the saving of time that means being able to visualize all the possible combinations without the need to manufacture a lot of samples that take up time, labor and resources.

As you know, the world of footwear has traditionally been a very manual world and the applications of this type of software represent a small great revolution in that sense because it has been possible to automate a series of tasks and mechanize a series of tasks that even Now they have always been done freehand and in a very traditional way, among them, for example, one of the applications of the software is to be able to transfer the patterns automatically to production through cutting machines.

In addition, INESCOP helps us to generate new business models. Specifically 3 years ago we used this 3D viewer to offer customers the opportunity, both in physical stores and online, to customize products. We have a selection of 100% customizable items, where the client with ICad 3D + can change the parts and materials, and thus make a shoe totally tailored to their needs, served at home after 3 weeks.

INESCOP is a transversal partner, since it not only helps us with 3D design, but also offers a lot of measurements and a lot of tools to be much more efficient, to know where we are and, above all, to know where we can improve.

Thanks to this software we are able to meet that goal. Being able to make clients forget their feet, how? Being more efficient with this tool allows us to better read the market, adapt and communicate the information better. We are a better company, without a doubt, since we have used it.

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