What is the recommended hardware to use ICad 3D+?

To work correctly and smoothly with ICad 3D+, we recommend the following hardware features:
Operative system: Windows 64 bits
Processor: i7 or higher
RAM memory: 16 GB
SSD disk to speed up the operative system and applications. Not mandatory but recommended.
Dedicated graphics card with at least 4 GB of memory. We generally recommend NVIDIA RTX 2060 or GTX 1060Ti.
Screen size of at least 1920 x 1080.

What is the price of ICad 3D+?

We have several modules that fit the needs of any customer.

Can I design any type of footwear prototype?

Due mainly to the perfect flattening of any type of last, ICad 3D+ allows you to design, both in 3D and 2D, any type of shoe model, regardless of its type, design, height, etc...

Can I render inside ICad 3D+?

Maxwell Render and ICad 3D+ are seamlessly integrated within the same solution, allowing you to render your models directly without transferring files in different applications.

Is it possible to know the cost of the model and its carbon footprint?

Thanks to the Costing module, it is possible to know the detailed price of the model and even break it down into its different components: Pieces, accessories, materials, and any element to be considered in the cost of the final product.
In addition, among the many properties of the materials, it is possible to know their impact on the environment thanks to the carbon footprint relative to each material.

Can I make the pattern of the model to manufacture my 3D designs?

Once again, ICad 3D+ flattening allows you to keep the 3D design always connected to the 2D design, so that the pattern making work translates directly into drawing the pieces with the lines that we have previously used to make the virtual model.

Is there any connection between ICad 3D+ and PLM systems?

Any type of information pertaining to ICad 3D+ files can be exported in one of the most standard text formats, such as .xml, to be easily integrated into any ERP system.

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