Create a boot last from an original last

Thanks to this functionality integrated in ICad 3D+, you will be able to directly create a boot last from any previously flattened last. By setting up the different parameters, you will be able to control all the widths, lengths, and measurements of the boot sections, to create a customized...
23 May, 2022

Apply Gradient in ICad 3D+

Through the new Apply Gradient feature, you will be able to add to your components, whether created in ICad 3D+ or imported externally, any kind of texture, projecting it and wrapping it completely around the 3D object. This not only allows you to apply solid materials, or different shades like...
10 May, 2022

Automatic raise over piece

One of the most time-consuming processes in the design of a 3D model using CAD systems is to establish the different heights or levels of the pieces between them, and to cover the spaces generated between them when they are at different heights. With this functionality, this problem is solved...
20 April, 2022

Fit the model to the sole

Until now, in 3D model design, the only way to work with an externally imported sole was to receive it with a design specifically adapted to a particular last. With this new functionality, it is possible to either adapt the cut of the model to the imported sole, or to do the opposite...
7 April, 2022

Simulate the last removal with ICad 3D+

Simulate the last removal with the cage deformer. Add a sense of realism to the model using the deformation tools. The box deformer allows you to easily widen the model in the necessary area to simulate the last, adding a visual sensation of relaxation and openness and eliminating the effect...
14 March, 2022

Quickly rename your parts in ICad 3D+

After feeding back the list (database) of part names, it is possible to add the name of each part almost instantly right after creating it. This functionality helps to avoid having to write the names of the pieces at any time, since they have been previously added to the database and it is...
15 March, 2022

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